Golf Report - The Platberg Classic - 10 to 12 March 2017

Golf Report - The Platberg Classic

 And what a Classic it was!  Over the 3 days, a total of 348 rounds of golf were played!

Highway Junction, Hardware Mecca, The Bergview Complex, Mountain View Inn, Ocean Basket, as well the team of young and committed members (Monty Galloway, Helgaard Beukes, Lebo Zietsman and David Pretorius) have given the Club a massive financial boost by providing the members and numerous visitors, with an unforgettable tournament.

One cannot omit to mention that there was the long list of "on course tee" sponsors that also made a substantial contribution to the Club coffers, and to the enjoyment of the competition as a whole. All in all, a wonderful effort by so many companies, and individuals.

Apart from some scintillating performances on the course, there was much to enjoy for all the participants. Festivities included, fantastic catering, live music, raffles, bowls on the putting green, and the very pleasant social atmosphere in the clubhouse.


As usual the Deysel family, and the staff of this iconic Harrismith business provided an outstanding "kick-start" to the tournament. Having recently completed the renovations to the kiosk at the 7th & 13th holes, it was very fitting that Kobus and staff members used this facility to provide HJ hospitality of excellence. Each time a golfer passed this kiosk, a new variety of refreshment had just come off the braai. Thanks for the kiosk upgrade, the delicious treats, and for the wonderful HJ hospitality!

The HJ sponsorship included a vast array of generous prizes, and a delectable dinner. The Club wishes to thank Ben and Amanda, as well as all the HJ staff for a "classic" start to the tournament.

Results - 1st: Antoine & Christiaan Lombard 47 points. 2nd: Fritz Valks & Jan de Jager 47 points.


The three Valks brothers, Anton, Duarte & Fritz, as well as Fritz's wife Elzane, are well known for their commitment to the Club. This special family business has come to the aid of the Country Club on so many occasions, and their sponsorship and involvement in the "Classic" is just another example of this generosity. This day, too, involved the staff of this respected local hardware business. As within their business, the service delivery, public relations, and HM hospitality matched their in-store customer relations.

The sponsorship involved many of Hardware Mecca suppliers, and in his address at the prize giving, Anton thanked and paid tribute for this loyal support.

A quote from Anton's speech is worth repeating, "In Harrismith we have great people, a beautiful mountain, a fantastic golf course, and a special Hardware Store".

Results - 1st: Murray Hume & Rupert Potgieter 48 points. 2nd: Koos Moolman & Tienie Els 48 points.


Whenever the above institutions are approached to come to the assistance of the Club, a reply of "no" is never ever even considered. The Bergview Complex as a whole, is nationally known as the ultimate travellers rest resort, providing a choice of cuisine refreshments, the 1 Stop petrol station and Quick Shop, and Hani Muller's hospitable Mountain View Inn. Ebbie Van Rooyen's Ocean Basket is the favorite restaurant for local seafood lovers. All these institutions and individual owners seem to have a "soft spot" for the Country Club, and continue to offer their loyal support.

The Club wishes to, once again, thank this Bergview Complex business group for their loyal support.

Results - 1st: Pieter Cronje & Jaco Coetzee 52 points, 2nd: Helgaard Beukes & David Pretorius 49 points.


The involvement of the above team, indicates the healthy state of the Club. If the youngsters get involved, the future is bright. In Helgaard, Monty, Lebo and David, the Club is indeed fortunate to have a group of committed young golfers who will no doubt take great care of the Club in years to come.

This sponsorship was a combined effort from this team to involve many other individuals and businesses. They certainly succeeded in their task of drumming up the support of so many businesses to provide the enormous range of prizes for the "overall" winners.

The Club expresses its sincere gratitude to the above four members, as well as to all the sponsors who supported this most important aspect of the tournament.


1st:      Helgaard Beukes & David Pretorius 140 points

2nd:     Fritz Valks & Jan de Jager 140 points

3rd:      Koos Moolman & Tienie Els 137 points

An outstanding effort by the "Classic" committee, the sponsors, the newly elected Captain, John Venning, as well as all who were involved.


Saturday 18th March:             Subway Shell Monthly Mug.

Thank you to Mark Russel for compiling this report